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Zambia shall be free

Kenneth Kaunda

"Zambia Shall Be Free" is a political autobiography written by Kenneth Kaunda, the first President of Zambia.
The book provides insights into his life, his political career, and the struggle for Zambia's independence from British colonial rule. Kaunda discusses the challenges faced by Zambia in its journey towards independence and the broader political landscape of the time. As well as providing a personal perspective on historical events, this is also a valuable resource for understanding the experiences and perspectives of a key figure in the history of a nation.

About the Author

Kenneth Kaunda (1924–2021) was a Zambian statesman and the first President of independent Zambia. Born in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), Kaunda emerged as a prominent leader in the fight against British colonial rule. A teacher turned politician, he founded the Zambia African National Congress (ZANC) and played a pivotal role in achieving Zambia's independence in 1964.

As President from 1964 to 1991, Kaunda led the nation through a transformative period, championing social justice, economic development, and Pan-Africanism. Known for his non-aligned foreign policy during the Cold War, he advocated for peace and diplomacy in regional conflicts.

Beyond politics, Kaunda's legacy extends to his post-presidential years, marked by continued engagement in diplomacy and humanitarian efforts, particularly in HIV/AIDS awareness. He left an indelible mark on Zambia's history and the broader African liberation movement. Kenneth Kaunda passed away in 2021, leaving behind a legacy of leadership, vision, and dedication to the people of Zambia.


'Kenneth Kaunda was a visionary leader who played a crucial role in the liberation of Zambia and the African continent.

'Kaunda's commitment to peace and reconciliation was a guiding force in his leadership, promoting stability in Zambia and the region.'

'Kenneth Kaunda's legacy extends beyond politics; he was also known for his compassion and humanitarian efforts, working to improve the lives of the people of Zambia.'

'Kaunda's dedication to Pan-Africanism and unity inspired many, leaving a lasting impact on the continent's quest for solidarity.'

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